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We like to think our prices are very competitive and our pricing structure is based upon offering the lowest price possible without compromising quality. We no longer accept new NHS patients.

During the COVID 19 pandemic we have had to change our prices. We are unable to operate as we used to. For normally short duration appointments such as fillings we need to allow longer and unfortunately need to charge more. This reflects the set down time required following a procedure which makes small particles of saliva airborne. Although all patients are screened and temperature checked before appointments an asymptomatic COVID carrier cannot be identified. We therefore must adopt universal precautions to treat everyone as potential COVID carriers. 


New patients now require 30 minutes. The charge for this appointment is £110 2 in mouth x-rays are included in this cost. Additional x-rays may be required at the cost of £10 each. 


Routine Dental Examinations again require more time these used to take 10 minutes we now need to allow 20 minutes. The cost has increased to £55

Hygienist appointments have also changed. We require longer when we generate an aerosol using the ultrasonic scaler. We still offer 30 minute appointments with hand scaling only. Although we use the 30, 45 and 60 minute terminology for the hygienist appointments this time does not reflect the time you will spend in surgery. This time has allocations for collecting you and then decontaminating the room after you have left. typically your appointment will be 15 minutes shorter than the stated time. 

Patients requiring Emergency appointments often require treatment on the day. We need to set aside time to treat emergency appointments safely. The majority of emergency appointment will involve generation of an aerosol which requires us to leave the surgery empty. Dental pain is very unpleasant and treatment is often required on the day to alleviate this pain. We have made provision for emergency appointments but need to charge for the time required for these provisions. An emergency appointment costs £150 and will include treatment to resolve pain. An additional appointments may be required to provide a definitive solution.

We are also able to offer PRACTICE PLAN. This is a way of budgeting for your important dental hygienist visits and check ups. You also get a 15% discount on most treatments and dental accident insurance.

You can download a price list showing the more common treatment items as well as details about practice plan.

You have to have a new patient examination prior to joining practice plan. 

Price list
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