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Private Price List

15% discount available on private treatments for Plan members (excluding the Periodontist, Orthodontist, Endodontist, Implants and Invisalign). This scheme is available to existing patients. New patients can join after their initial visit. Terms and Conditions apply please click here for more details.  
We are currently accepting new patients on a private basis only. 

New Patient Examination (Includes 2 small X-rays)   £95
(New patient examination with Daniel £150 includes X-Rays)
Existing Patient Examination                         £55
(With Daniel £69)

Child Examination (under 6s)                       £25
Child Examination (under 18s)                     £35

X-Rays each                                             £16
Panoramic X-Ray                                       £60
CBCT Scan                                            £150

Emergency Appointment                           £150
Includes time for treatment)

All with Written Treatment Plan
Endodontist Consultation (Root Canal)                       £150
Orthodontist Consultation (Braces).                               £125
Periodontist Consultation
 (Gum)                      £200

Invisalign (with Dentist)
Consultation & Simulation                          Free
When booking please advise you would like to book an Invisalign Simulation appointment)   
Lite                                                      £2,900
Full                                                      £4,500
(Each)                                       £250

Fixed Orthodontics (metal)*                   £4,250
Fixed Orthodontics (ceramic)*.               £4,800

Lingual Braces - Lite (3M Incognito)*         £7,500
Lingual Braces - Full (3M Incognito)*       £10,000

Invisalign*                                          £5,250

Interceptive case                 £Dependent on case
(Early treatment to prevent complex treatment later on)

Vivera Retainers (3 Sets)                              £600
Plastic Retainer
(Each)                                                         £150
Fixed Wire Retainer (Each)                          £250

*Prices do not include retainers

Please visit our Hygiene page for details
Maintenance                                           £72
Routine                                                 £108
Extended                                              £144

Soft Nightguard                                     £160
Michigan Splint                                     £ 425
Sports Guard                                        £160   

Same Day Crowns & Bridges
Ceramic E-Max Crown                              £825
Ceramic E-Max Veneers                             £825
Supplement for Single Front Tooth                £260
Ceramic E-Max Bridges per Unit                 £675 
Zirconia (White Metal) Crown                    £925

Extraction                                                £230
Complex Extraction                                   £310
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
(lower impacted)      £375

Intravenous Sedation                                  £245 
Inhalation Sedation (Laughing Gas)                   £165

Implant Consultation                                £150
with Written Treatment Plan
1st Implant                                           £1,350
Multiple Implants each                            £1,200
Implant Crowns                                     £1,100
Multiple Implant Crowns each                  £950
Sinus Grafting inc. Sedation                    £1,950
Supplement for Single Front Tooth.             £260

Whitening and Bonding
Cosmetic Tooth Bonding per tooth               £275
Bleaching                                               £360
Dentures (From)
Plastic full denture                                     £1,000
Plastic partial denture.                               £750

Chrome denture                                       £1,600 


Small White Filling                                  £185
Medium White Filling                              £230
Large White Filling                                  £295
Non-preparation White Filling                   £155
Fissure Sealant                                       £25
Flouride Varnish                                      £10

Root Fillings (Not Specialist)
Incisor                                                  £295
Premolar                                               £395
Molar                                                  £495
Retreatment add                                     £100


0% finance available over 12 months on all treatment plans greater than £500. Click here for more information.
Please visit our NHS Policies page for NHS prices

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