are you nervous?

Is your nervousness putting you off getting your teeth fixed?

Don't worry, we have had a lot of success helping people conquer their fear of the dentist.

At the Half Moon Dental Centre we have a relaxed environment and try to adopt a less formal manner when dealing with our patients. We have found that this goes a long way towards easing your worries.


Do not be embarrassed if it has been a long time since you have been to a dentist - we won't tell you off!


We provide sedation for our more phobic patients. We administer a sedative drug called Midazolam intra-venously. This relaxes you without putting you to sleep and also makes you forget about the treatment visit. If you don't like needles we also have nitrous oxide (gas and air, laughing gas or happy air). This is administered via a sweet scented nose piece. 

Please ask for Daniel Hopkins if booking an appointment and are interested in sedation.

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