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Preparing for your appointment

Kids should make fun of us - we do!

We are wearing so much PPE right now, it can be even more daunting for children, maybe show them this photo of Nici and Keith so they have a good idea of what to expect.

Giving them an idea of what the Dentist will be wearing before hand can help them prepare for their appointment and take away some of the shock.


Before your appointment please:


  • Clean your teeth really well

  • Wrap up warm if it is cold

  • Wait outside to be called in; if you are waiting over 10 minutes past your appointment time please come in and let us know. If you are elderly/vulnerable and need to wait inside please also let us know although we will do our best to invite you in when you arrive

  • Please wear a face covering before entering the building unless you are exempt

  • When you come in we will ask you to use alcohol hand gel and will take your temperature with an infra-red contactless thermometer

  • We ask that all patients attend alone (except for children/families booked together)


During your appointment:


  • We may look a little different with extra PPE. If you are having treatment or seeing the Hygienist we will be wearing an FFP3 respirator mask and it may be helpful to show the the above picture to children if they are booked in for treatment. It can be difficult to hear us with the masks on.

  • We will ask you to rinse with a fluoride or hydrogen peroxide mouthrinse for 30 seconds prior to treating you

  • There will be extra noise from the air purifiers in the room

  • If you are seeing the hygienist, they will start treatment immediately and give advice at the end, this is because they need to allow a fallow time (time for the aerosols to settle) after your treatment.

After your appointment:


  • We ask that you place your mask back on before leaving the treatment room

  • If there is a queue at the desk then please use the distance markers in the reception area



We understand it can be daunting visiting the dentist and if you have any questions about your visit please drop us an email on or give us a call.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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